Pick a low rate for your piccolo with Clarion Associates

If you are a music teacher or performer, there can be an underlying fear of a student or fellow musician unintentionally damaging your valuable piccolo. In such cases, a piccolo insurance policy from Clarion Associates would help you feel secure in that your livelihood is protected.

Clarion Associates provides specialized, instrument-specific insurance (such as piccolo insurance) to musicians to protect them from damage, as well as theft, fire, and others. Clarion has a solid background in the musical instrument insurance industry that stretches back decades and generations. Whether the musician holding the policy is a professional player or a student attending school with their piccolo, Clarion can provide the proper coverage for each individual who seeks piccolo insurance. And, since Clarion understands that professionals or amateurs are busy in their daily lives, the Clarion team is able to answer calls and emails within one business day, giving you quick and friendly assistance with your piccolo insurance policy.

Obtaining piccolo insurance through Clarion Associates is the best option to reduce the risk associated with owning valuable instruments. Musicians deal with high exposure during performances since their insured property is in public and out of its case, so an insurance policy that covers instruments specifically, such as a piccolo insurance policy, for their total value, as opposed to a Homeowner's policy, is a wise choice

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