Clarion has prices you can't beat for drum insurance

Drums come in various styles and sizes. Clarion Associates is equipped to offer you drum insurance on any and all types of drums that you use in your performing, recording, or hobby playing. From steel drums, drum kits, and snare drums, to bongos, congas, and many other types, Clarion can provide protection against the risks faced by percussionists. Drums are an integral part of many different kinds of music, from symphonies to rock bands, and protecting them with drum insurance is essential to the longevity of your career and success.

Although some musicians may not realize that drums are eligible for insurance coverage since they “take a beating” during their use, Clarion does allow drums to be added to insurance policies. Clarion's team of experienced insurance professionals includes several musicians who understand the importance of drums in many genres of music and are also aware of the risks presented by owning, collecting, or playing drums, either professionally or semi-professionally. Your drums will be protected from many hazards such as loss due to: fire, natural disasters, and theft, among others on a Clarion drum insurance policy.

Clarion Associates boasts some of the most affordable rates in the industry and works with each applicant individually to create a policy tailored specifically for their musical needs, such as drum insurance. Their New Business Representatives will respond to each quote request in a timely manner to assist each musician and ensure they have coverage in place as soon as possible. Drum insurance protects the owner of the instruments from accidental damage or theft, and Clarion can help you set up a replacement to use in the interim while repairs are being completed.

Submit a quote request online and get your instruments protected with a drum insurance policy!