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What are people saying?

  • I’m sorry that this expense was thrust upon you. I wish it could have been others. However, your response was terrific! Thanks for being true to your word!
    - John C
  • We’ve already recommended Clarion to all our associates!
    - Feeney
  • I am very pleased with the way my problem was handled. I am grateful to Clarion Associates, with Mrs. Valerie Hill in particular
    - Patricia B
  • I will certainly recommend Clarion Associates to my colleagues and students.
    - Warren D.
  • Since you have always given me excellent service, the processing of this claim was in conformity with your usual excellent service – hence “as expected” This was my first experience with you, it would be “more” or “better” than expected when compared to others
    - P. R.
  • Your service is outstanding. I will be a Clarion policyholder for as long as I live!
    - M.R.
  • Thank you for your prompt response!
    - Izumi N. - New World Symphony
  • I was horrified about having to file a claim so soon after getting coverage. I was so happy to find it handled without a fuss.
    - Sharon H.
  • You were extremely helpful in finding a place to take my cello since I had just moved and knew no one. Overall, I was extremely satisfied. Thank you.
    - Kate F.
  • What a relief to find that there was no “fine print” and that everything you advertised about coverage was true. Thank you for helping make the best of a bad situation.
    - Rosanne S. & David S.
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