Don't say "Oh no!" Insure your flute with Clarion Associates

To have a great show, use Clarion to insure your flute

A major concern of many flute players is losing their valuable instruments to theft or accidental damage. This is especially concerning to flutists who travel overseas with their instruments. For many musicians, playing in concerts all over the world is part of their livelihood, and they cannot afford to be without their instruments. It is vital they are able to secure a replacement for their flute to get back to playing.

Clarion Associates understands how attached artists are to their flutes, and can therefore offer protection for their high-valued instruments. Clarion helps give musicians peace of mind by offering high quality insurance coverage. To a flutist, his or her instrument is an asset, and choosing to take out insurance will ensure the instrument remains protected. Clarion provides guidance toward the best insurance options for their flute, protecting it from risks such as fire, theft, or damage.

Your flute may be stolen or broken before a performance. You may even lose it while traveling to another city or country. Flute insurance from Clarion will cover you for such losses, and save you from spending large amounts of money on a rental or replacement. Whether you are an amateur flutist dreaming of your name in lights or already a professional living the dream, Clarion’s flute insurance coverage will allow you to relax while you work, whether touring or performing right in your hometown at events and concerts.

Clarion Associates offers an insurance policy tailored to each individual flutist at competitive rates. Getting a customized policy for your flute will secure your instrument the way that you want. Clarion’s policies ensure the safety of your flute and cover all major risks that come with being a flutist. All this protection, along with a reasonable premium, will allow you to completely relax while you travel with your flute anywhere in the world.

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