Don't say "Oh no!" Insure your oboe with Clarion Associates

To have a great show, use Clarion to insure your oboe

If you are an oboist looking to play professionally, making sure that your instrument is properly protected is a major step in the right direction. If your oboe is only insured under your Homeowner's policy, you may not have the best coverage possible for your instrument. To guarantee that your oboe is covered for its total value, an oboe insurance policy with Clarion Associates is the way to go.

Oboe insurance covers the instrument while being played on-stage or at home. It can also cover musicians who choose to give instrument lessons. The Clarion team can help relieve you of worries related to owning and playing a valuable instrument. Clarion's reasonable premiums make taking out an oboe insurance policy an easy and affordable choice for musicians with collections of all sizes. Clarion Associates makes the application process short and simple with an online application that allows for our New Business Associates to contact you quickly with a quote.

Your musical instruments and accessories are exposed to risks while being used for a performance or while traveling. Oboe insurance with Clarion is ideal because we are dedicated solely to offering the best possible coverage to professional or semi-professional musicians, as we understand the specific needs and requirements that active playing presents.

Our competitive rates are accessible to oboe players looking for oboe insurance for their instrument, no matter the value of the oboe. A Clarion policy covers liabilities including theft, fire, accidental damage, and others.

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