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Need insurance for your viola? Voila! Call Clarion today

When you think about all the potential risks and hazards that you and your property face daily, it can weigh on the mind, stress you out, and keep you tossing and turning at night. For viola owners and players, however, there is a simple solution: Clarion Associates and a viola insurance policy. Clarion offers protection on many instruments, including the viola.

One of the most common problems musicians face is maintaining the high quality of their instruments as a result of damage or breakage. Viola insurance will cover your instrument and protect it from various causes of loss, like damage/breakage, theft, fire, and others such as natural disasters. With a Clarion viola insurance policy, though your viola may face risks, there will be must less to worry about because you can be assured that you’re protected. Clarion has designed their policies to allow for policyholders to have peace of mind while they grow their career or hobby.

Clarion Associates offers policies to all kinds of musicians, whether they play in an orchestra, a symphony, a rock band, or even in their own home! Even musicians who teach music lessons can obtain a policy to protect their instruments when in the hands of a student.

Safeguard your most precious instruments by taking out a viola insurance policy through Clarion!