To insure your violin and bow, Clarion Associates is the way to go

Is your violin playing a hobby that you would like to turn into something more? Have you been considering making the leap into becoming a professional or semi-professional musician? Something that may be holding you back is the concern of what would happen if your violin is stolen or damaged during a performance. Violin Insurance can put these worries to rest.

Clarion Associates offers a wide range of insurance options for musicians, including violinists, which help protect and lower the risk associated with owning valuable instruments. From loss due to fire, to repairing the violin if it is dropped, Clarion Associates provides a violin insurance policy to protect you from any unforeseen incidents, even including theft and accidental damage by a third party. Clarion offers coverage to professional musicians who play in orchestras and symphonies, as well as those who simply enjoy playing in their homes.

Ensuring that your violin is covered for its total value is essential in keeping it safe and assuring that you never miss a performance due to circumstances beyond your control. Unlike with a Homeowner's policy, Clarion specializes in insuring valuable musical instruments and accessories, and make sure that you don't find yourself underinsured or not covered at all if a loss occurs. Clarion offers violin insurance that steps up where regular Homeowner's policies do not.

Clarion Associates can guide you through the process of obtaining a violin insurance policy to suit your needs as a violinist. If your instrument is broken or damaged, a Clarion policy offers you the option of reimbursement for the rental of a temporary replacement while yours is being repaired or while you search for a new instrument. Clarion is backed by knowledgeable employees with years of experience tailoring policies to the needs of individual musicians, as well as larger groups of musicians. Clarion's team is not only educated about insurance, but also about the instruments being insured.

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