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General Questions

  • Since the early 1980’s Clarion has always represented financially stable insurance companies. Since 11/1/2008, Clarion is pleased to announce it now represents StarNet Insurance Company, part of the W.R. Berkley Corporation 475 Steamboat Road Greenwich, CT 06830 Group. StarNet/Berkley are highly rated and are licensed in every state.

  • Clarion has a program for just about everyone. Whether you are a student over age 18, Professional or Amateur, Collector, Trust or Corporation, we can offer you broad coverage (subject to the policy’s terms and conditions) at competitive premiums. We can insure any kind of instrument from the common to the very rare. We can even insure accessories such as sheet music, tuners, metronomes, music stands, and other items of value that are used in the playing of music. There is NO MAXIMUM value limit. We can handle it all.

  • Just about everything! *We offer unique coverage* that isn’t offered elsewhere.

  • Simply fax, email or send Clarion your request. (In order to add an instrument we will need an appraisal or bill of sale from a bona-fide instrument dealer/store. Requests to delete or cancel coverage must be made in writing.)

  • Visit our website or call Clarion to request a claim form be emailed, faxed or sent to you. This form is intended to help you provide all the necessary information we need to process your claim.

  • Policies are usually renewed, invoiced and sent approximately 30-45 days before the renewal date. It is important that you keep us notified of any address, telephone number and email address changes.

  • Just contact us via telephone, email, fax or regular mail. You must state clearly your new mailing address, the address where the instruments are located (if different), daytime phone number, fax number and e-mail address. Since we cannot be responsible for coverage lapses due to invalid address information, it is important that you notify us each and every time you move.

  • Clarion can accept the following forms of payment:

    1. Make a payment on our website - click here.
    2. Checks/money orders drawn on US dollars and drawn on a bank located in the USA. Please do not send checks/money orders from outside the USA.
    3. American Express traveler cheques payable to Clarion Associates, Inc.
    4. We accept ACH Check Payments by phone, call 1(800) 848-2534, option 5 for more information.
    5. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

    Please do not send cash!

* Not all applicants qualify for all coverage terms or enhancements. All coverage is subject to the terms and condition of the specific policy issued to a specific applicant. Certain policyholders may receive specific exclusions, restrictions or limitations that might be a condition in order to allow that applicant to qualify for coverage.

Disclosure - Clarion is a program manager representing insurance companies. As such Clarion Associates Inc. is compensated by the insurance company. We reserve the right to charge the customer reasonable fees for processing transactions in addition to the commission, program management allowances and other compensation that may be negotiated with the insurance company, by Clarion Associates Inc.