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Of course Clarion Associates Inc is the leader in Musical Instrument Insurance, but did you know… we also offer* comprehensive insurance for renters, Condo and Co-Op owners as well as owners of houses.

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For those who rent a house or an apartment and do not own.

For those that own the unit that they are in, however, you are not responsible for rebuilding the building in the event of a catastrophic loss, the association is responsible for that.

For those that own the building, and are responsible for rebuilding the building, in the event of a catastrophic loss.

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Depending upon which policy form is appropriate for you, the following basic coverage is available to protect you against major losses.
Coverage to protect against fire, smoke damage, trees falling and many other perils.

Personal Property
Coverage to protect against the loss of your clothing, furniture, stereo/TV and all other personal property that may be inside your apartment.

Additional Living Expense
Coverage to protect you against the additional costs of living outside your apartment or home in the event of a loss.

Personal Liability
Coverage to protect you for the legal defense as well as any judgment from lawsuits in which you become legally responsible for personal actions.

Optional Coverage
Is available for such items as jewelery, silverware, guns, furs and antiques can be added as riders.

* Not all coverage is available in all jurisdictions. Interstate Brokerage Corp, our affiliated independent agent, is providing coverage. Interstate Brokerage Corp. is completely independent from Clarion Associates, Inc. and is independently licensed to do business in the states in which it provides coverage.