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Check out these short videos from Vivaldi's archives to help you avoid some of the most common musical catastrophes. Keeping your instrument out of harm's way and choosing the right insurance for your musical instrument can be tricky. We're committed to making it easier for you.

  • I. Do you play your Instrument Professionally ?

  • II. Do you worry about your instrument getting broken?

  • III. Do you Protect Your Instrument with Burglary Insurance?

  • IV. Do you Music Instrument Insurance to Prevent Damages While Traveling with Instrument?

  • V. Do you Music Instrument Insurance to Prevent Damages While Traveling with Instrument?

  • VI. Do you Keep Your Instrument's Undamaged Parts with You?

Clarion VS. Homeowners Insurance

May the best value win

"Valued At" Claim Basis: The amount you insure is the amount you collect. No negotiating for guaranteed replacement cost. COVERED Replacement cost: Can replace with like kind and quality
Professional usage COVERED Never covered
Breakage COVERED Typically excluded
Earthquake COVERED Typically excluded
Flood COVERED Never covered
Replacement instrument coverage COVERED Never covered
Inflation guard COVERED Never covered
Difference in value coverage COVERED Never covered
Right to repurchase AT YOUR OPTION No option
Right to keep undamaged parts AT YOUR OPTION No option
40+ years of experience YES Doubtful
Insuring over 13,000 musicians YES Doubtful
Endorsed exclusively by 30 national musicians' associations YES Doubtful
Claim settlement expertise YES Doubtful
Ability to issue policies-same day YES 3 weeks, at best
Ability to provide musical instrument insurance references YES Doubtful
Recognized by the American Symphony Orchestra League (ASOL) and the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) YES Doubtful
Insuring over 30 symphony orchestras YES Doubtful
National Dealer Network YES Doubtful
Knows the difference between a Bow Frog and a Bull Frog YES Definitely not!

Clarion Features & Benefits

Breakage coverage Covers the cost of repair should you simply break your instrument.
Earthquake coverage Covers the cost of repairing or replacing your instrument in the event of an earthquake.
Flood coverage Covers the cost of repairing or replacing your instrument in the event of a flood.
Replacement instrument coverage Provides insurance coverage for an instrument you borrow or rent to replace one that is being repaired to a covered claim.
Difference in value coverage Provides coverage for the difference in the value of an instrument before a loss and the value of that instrument after the loss, if any.
Right to repurchase Provides the option to repurchase a stolen/lost instrument in the event it is found for the same price that was paid to that customer for the settlement of that loss.
Right to keep undamaged parts We recognize that instruments have sentimental value and owners sometimes desire to keep undamaged parts in the event of a loss. The Clarion policy provides that option.
40+ years of experience With over 40 years of musical instrument insurance, you can feel confident that Clarion is committed, and will understand your concerns, during either routine servicing or during a traumatic claim.
Insuring over 13,000 musicians Need we say more? From the $2,500 to the $7.5 million instrument we can handle it and do for over 13,000 professionals, amateurs, collectors, museums, makers and dealers.
30 exclusive endorsements You can be assured that in order to gain the exclusive endorsement of so many musician associations, we must be good!
Claim settlement expertise Specializing in musical instrument insurance for over 40 years has allowed us to develop an unmatched understanding of musical instrument claims and how to settle them quickly and fairly.
Same day policy issuance Over the years we have continued to invest in the best possible technology which allows us to efficiently issue policies. If you’re interested, we can issue your new policy the same day you call. See if your homeowner insurance company can promise that
Ability to provide references Doesn’t it make sense to get references from your insurance company from other customers? Well, please ask your homeowners insurance company to provide references of other musical instrument insurance policy holders that they service.
National dealer network Network of selected dealers and repairers throughout the USA helps us expedite the settlement of claims and gives our customers a trusted repairer when they are in a strange city and need repairs or unexpected adjustments.
Violin Frogs and Bull Frogs Homeowners insurance companies are great for insuring houses however for your valued musical instrument, please consider Clarion Associates, Inc.